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Why do we use hemp seed oil ?

Hemp seed oil is surrounded by a lot of hype, but there is some substance to all the raving.
Hemp oil comes from the hemp seed, not to be confused with cannabis oil and CBD which comes from the leaf, stem and flower.

Whilst hemp is all the rage at the moment, just using hemp for hemps sake was not the original motive.
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We use only premium grade herbs and essential oils in our products.
With one of the creators of the range having a qualification as a naturopath and an accredited Australiasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ( ACNEM ) practitioner they had a resource of extensive knowledge in herbals.

The main herbs used in our products:
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The Ointment

Over the years we have seen many creams for dry irritated skin come and go with varying success.
There are many that rely largely on hype and short term success, then there are the others, the ones that are based on real clinical evidence and good science. Read More…

Plastic Free and Recycled

All our packaging is plastic free.

We offer recycling incentives.
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Why did we make The LGC co.

How did The LGC Co. come into being ?
Why did we choose the name ?
Whats the story behind the range ? Read More…

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