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Why do we use hemp seed oil ?

Hemp seed oil is surrounded by a lot of hype, but there is some substance to all the raving.
Hemp oil comes from the hemp seed, not to be confused with cannabis oil and CBD which comes from the leaf, stem and flower.

Whilst hemp is all the rage at the moment, just using hemp for hemps sake was not the original motive.

As chemists that specialise in formulation we get asked to make all sorts of things, one of which was to help someone make a concentrated cod liver oil cream, people have been using cod liver oils to help with skin conditions for a very long time.

Cod liver oil is very rich in omega oils and also in Vitamins A and D.
All three of these elements are very important in skin health.

When we made this cream the patient found that it worked very well although it smelt heavily of fish, surprisingly they were happy to put up with the smell to get the benefits.

Unfortunately when we took it home to trial it on our own child, he was not so understanding and the smell did not go down so well.

The challenge was on, how do we get similar effects to Cod Liver oil without the smell, all lower smell options were lower in the cod-liver oil component and as such less effective.

So we started looking for other sources of Omega oils, the natural choice was to look at Linseed, Flax and Hemp.

We found that hemp seed oil carried optimal ratios of Omegas 3, 6 in a 1:3 ratio as well as Omega 9 or oleic acid to help with inflammation of the skin, but not only that it contains a myriad of other beneficial phytophenols and natural organic compounds that are of benefit to the skin.

Hemp oil also contains the Omega 6 fatty acid gamma-linoleac acid ( GLA ), This acts a powerful anti-inflammatory whilst simultaneously encouraging skin cell growth and regeneration. This can help calm the redness associated with eczema and psoriasis whilst keeping the skin nourished and hydrated.

It was essential that we sourced and used only the highest quality cold pressed virgin hemp seed oil to maximise the natural properties found in the hemp seed.

As for the Vitamin A and D component, we could add those back in strengths equivalent or stronger than those found in cod liver oil. We now had a basis for a strong, effective and most importantly, renewable and sustainable source of omega oils.

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