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Overnight Creany Chia Pudding

We got home late from the airport. Baby S was awake and playful, as oppose to us, ready for fall into bed after a wonderful and busy Christmas period with the family. But bed wasn’t going to happen any time soon. So knowing that every extra minute of sleep in the morning would be precious Mr Apothecary took to prepping an Overnight Chia Pudding that would be ready for our breakfast the next day. Stupidly easy, and amazingly delicious, not to mention packed full of nutritious goodness, it’s a must do for those who prefer to hit the snooze button in the morning than spend time making breaky.

chia pudding

Why’s it so great?
– Chia seeds – 1 serve (2 tablespoons/28g) will provide you with a third of your RDI of phosphorous and manganese, 18% of your RDI of calcium and almost 5g of omega-3 fatty acids. That’s a lot of good stuff in such a small serve of grain! – Protein powder – to give you a protein boost for energy and keep you fuller for longer – Pot set greek yoghurt – is a fabulous source of naturally cultured probiotics, which play a vital role n gut health and immune function, not to mention the added calcium benefits as well.
Why overnight?
Chia seeds need to be soaked in order for your body to be able to absorb all that nutritious goodness. Their shell, like any seed, is a tough outer layer which needs to be broken down in order to access the inner nutrients. Soaking softens the shell and allows this to happen as chia seeds are hydrophillic, meaning that they readily absorb water, or any fluid, to form a mucillagenous gel. This is how you get the pudding type consistency!
Enough of the backfround stuff and onto the recipe! Overnight Chia Pudding Serves 1
Ingredients: 2 tbs chia seeds 3 tbs Boomers Whey Protein Powder 1/2 cup milk of choice Vanilla essence and Stevia to taste – we use just a drop of each Pot set greek yoghurt
Method: Place all ingredients, bar yoghurt, in shaker/jar/vessel of choice and shake to combine well. Allow to sit in fridge overnight.
To serve: Layer with pot set greek yoghurt. Add fruits, berries, nuts, seeds – anything that takes your fancy really! Enjoy.
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JANUARY 3, 2015 

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