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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name?

Our products all use hemp oil as a versatile base that is a natural alternative to using paraffins and petroleum based chemicals. We only use Australian virgin cold pressed hemp seed oil in our products and mix this with a combination of beeswax and olivem to get the right consistency.
Hemp seed oil by nature is a green oily liquid. When we made our original formula of "The Ointment" and word got out, people began referring their friends to come and ask us for "that little green cream"…. we thought that was a great name for the product, and the range that followed.

How long should I use it for ? / its not making any difference

It is common for us to get feedback that people have achieved real benefits with days of use, however with conditions such as eczema and dry skin there is a layer of dry itchy skin on the surface. One of the first things that The Ointment will do, is moisturise the top layer. When this happens you may notice that the skin appears redder or angrier. If you believe that you have had a reaction to the product, please cease using it and contact us immediately as there is always the chance that you may react to any product ( allergies etc cannot always be predicted ). However, increased redness and what appears to look worse without any increase in itch or inflammation can happen because the "ashy" top layer is now moisturised and has gone from a whitish colour to transparent. This means the red skin below is more visible. In this case we recommend you persist with use for at least two weeks using it twice a day to give it a chance to soothe as well as moisturise the skin.

Are all the products in the range green ?

In short, not always. The original ointment has varied in colour over time as the formula has been refined and boosted. Originally it was very green as it contained mainly just the hemp oil, beeswax, olivem and reinforced with vitamins and papaya extract. As more herbs and agents were added, to help improve efficacy, the formula changed colour. The Ointment has gone towards a yellow colour over time mainly due to the addition of colloidal oatmeal and calendula, which is loaded with betacarotene and has a dark orange/red colour.
The hemp oil itself will also vary in intensity of colour from batch to batch so the colour can change with repeat supplies, but the formula remains the same, tried and tested.

Is everything in The LGC Co. range natural ?

Yes, we take extra time and care to make sure that we get the maximum efficacy from naturally sourced ingredients. Care has been taken to ensure that all the products are naturally sourced, even our preservative is naturally sourced or "Nature identical". This means that it may have been processed synthetically but it is an identical chemical structure to that found in nature. The main example of this is Allantoin which sourced from the roots of the comfrey plant. Comfrey's ointment has been around for a long time as a remedy for skin conditions, and also has documented skin healing properties. However, there are many aspects of the comfrey plant that are also toxic, so using an extract of Allantoin allows us to extract the active analog of the comfrey plant in therapeutic effective doses without the potential associated harm.

Are there any paraffin or petroleum products in your range ?

Absolutely not. We have gone to great lengths to check the source of every ingredient to make sure its all naturally sourced with no petroleum products. Even our emulsifying agent, Olivem is sourced from vegetable/olive waxes and not paraffins.

What about SLS, Parabens, chemical surfactants, and preservatives ?

We do not use parabens, SLS, SES, or surfactants in our products, however we do use a preservative in "The Ointment". We do so because it contains lactobacillus fermented paw paw extract, which is natural organic matter that is prone to spoiling. In order to deliver a product with a decent shelf life that is safe to apply to damaged skin we needed to add a preservative and we chose the safest most natural option available in the lowest possible concentrations.
The surfactants and foaming agents we use in our soap are natural and sourced from coconut extracts.

We use Potassium sorbate, which we cover in the blog. Potassium Sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, which is an extract of mountain ash berries. This is a natural food grade preservative which we use it in a low 0.1% concentration.
We are responsible for the safety of our products, and using a preservative ensures that they reach you and remain in their optimum state.

Why have you chosen to package all your range in tins ?

Simple - we hate plastic.
In this day and age of disposable single use everything we are very conscious of our impact on the environment in every way. Our tins are made from recycled aluminium, and are fully recyclable. Even tubes that are made of aluminium end up in landfill because they can't be cleaned or emptied out fully and use plastic screw top lids. By packaging in light protective tins not only do you get your monies worth by being able to get every last bit out, it makes it easier to recycle.

Where can I get it ?

The Little Green Cream Co. range is exclusive to select Pharmacy 777 pharmacies listed on our homepage.
It is also available online through this website. Click here

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