Spotlight Series: Self-Care with Rachel Jane Fitness & About the Body Co

Spotlight Series: Self-Care with Rachel Jane Fitness & About the Body Co

Dermatological skin conditions can take a toll on various aspects of life, including relationships, social activities, work, school, sleep, finances, and even exercise. Beyond the physical discomfort, these conditions can deeply impact mental health, self-esteem, body image, confidence, and contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.

In light of this, we're putting a spotlight on the crucial importance of self-care. This isn't just for individuals dealing with significant skin conditions, but for everyone who needs a reminder to slow down and prioritise their well-being. And who better to discuss this topic with than the vibrant and inspiring Rachel from Rachel Jane Fitness and About the Body Co!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Rachel from About The Body Co / Rachel Jane Fitness. I am a Pilates / Dance Fitness instructor and also a Breathwork Facilitator.

What is your WHY behind what you do? What fuels you?

Helping people is why I do what I do.  When someone messages to say they are feeling better, sleeping better, eating better and feeling happier overall, it brings me so much joy and fuels me to keep going to make a difference. 

How do you balance work, life and self-care?

It’s a juggle that’s for sure. I personally have found scheduling self-care and rest into my day just like I would a meeting works for me. Having clear set boundaries and learning to say no more also helps with the balancing act. 

What is your favourite form of self-care and why?

Breathwork and meditation - it is one of the most powerful mindfulness tools with incredible health benefits and you can practice anywhere, anytime. Non-negotiables are also movement and nourishing my body with wholefoods. 

Do you feel that your self-care routines have evolved over the years?

Yes, my self-care routines in the past were very surface level and are now much deeper with a focus on mental health and regulating my nervous system. 

Based on your experience, how exactly does self-care impact our mental and physical wellness?

Practising self-care has a HUGE impact on your overall wellbeing. Looking after yourself can help to lower your risk of disease, manage stress levels and increase your energy levels. 

What do you think are a few of the main roadblocks that prevent people from making better self-care choices?

I personally think time. We are living in a world that is very go go go, with busy schedules, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-care. You have to be proactive and prioritise self-care and not feel guilty about it. The more your prioritise yourself, the more energy you will have to help and give to others.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start including self-care choices into their health and wellness regime?

My advice would be to start small, and don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with one small self-care practise, for example writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every morning and build slowly and gradually from there. It’s all about consistency and building habits that become apart of your everyday lifestyle.

So how does The LGC Co. fall in to self-care practises?

In summary, prioritising self-care and skincare represents a significant stride towards overall well-being. It extends beyond aesthetics to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

Engaging in skincare routines communicates a profound message of self-value and importance, both to yourself and to others.

Therefore, each instance of skincare practice goes beyond surface-level maintenance, serving as a meaningful act of nurturing for both the body and the spirit.

For more self-care tips, healthy recipes and a shining light of positivity, be sure to follow Rachel on Instagram @racheljanefitness_ and @aboutthebodyco_



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