Get to Know Us

Adriana and Robert Ayad are a husband and wife team behind the The Little Green Cream Co. Both Pharmacists, Adriana is also a Naturopath and ACNEM accredited practitioner. Rob is a specialised compounding pharmacist with a passion for developing unique formulations.
In 2018, they set their sights on the world of skincare. Unhappy with the offerings of mass-produced products and continual use of steroids, they knew there had to be a better way. With 3 young children of their own, the youngest of which suffered terrible eczema, they went about using their unique combination of skills to develop completely natural remedies for common skin complaints.

They produced their first product, now called “The Original Concentrate” using hemp seed oil as the base. This unique product ended up with 12 all natural, active ingredients and no fillers. They used it on their family and friends who suffered from dermatitis and eczema, and soon word spread.

The first few batches they made had a distinctly green colour due to the hemp seed oil in it, so when word got out, people started coming into their pharmacy and calling up to ask about “the little green cream the pharmacists make”. The name stuck, and the brand was born.

Since then, between running their pharmacies, 3 young boys, and multiple pets, they have expanded their skin care range to cover many areas caring for sensitive skin. A journey of growth and development has seen this passion project grow into a brand loved and trusted by thousands - The LGC Co. - Science Based Skin Nutrition.

Our Philosophy