Real People, Real Results - The LGC Co. Eczema Research Study

Do you or someone you love, suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, perioral dermatitis or have extremely dry or sensitive skin?

Have you tried EVERYTHING and are still searching for something to soothe and heal your irritated and itchy skin?

Are you tired of battling skin flare-ups?


Our products are developed by pharmacists and naturopaths with clinically proven ingredients that we know work.

We want to offer 20 people currently suffering with a topical skin condition to trial our range of scientifically proven, sensitive skin products, with access to online support through our trial community where we will share advice, tips, recipes and other skin health related advice and a chance to finally heal your skin.

In exchange we want you to document your results through before and after photos, and offer us your feedback after using our range.


Why Choose The LGC Co.? 

100% Natural Ingredients: 

All of our products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. 

Clinically Proven:

Our formulas are designed to soothe, hydrate, and calm irritated skin, with ingredients backed by clinical trials.

Gentle Yet Effective:

Experience natural relief without compromising on results – perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Developed by Pharmacists and Naturopaths:

Trust in a brand built by health professionals.

Endorsed by Paediatric Nurses and Midwives:

Safe from birth and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


What's in it for You?

🎁 FREE Trial Kit: Enjoy a full set of our Eczema Essentials skincare products delivered to your doorstep.

📈 Track Your Progress: Document your journey and see the transformative results first-hand.

💬 Join Our Online Community: Connect with fellow eczema warriors, share tips, and celebrate successes!

This exclusive trial opportunity is limited to the first 20 participants. Complete your details below with "Real People, Real Results" in the comment box and our team will be in touch!


- Eligible participants will be chosen at the discretion of The LGC Co. team.

 - Photographic proof of skin condition must be submitted to be considered.

 - Trial will run for 6 weeks, with before and after photos required to be submitted to the team.

 - Due to commence April 2024, and complete by end May 2024.


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