Our Philosophy

At The LGC Co. we create 100% natural skin care using hemp seed oil combined with a number of evidence based herbs and nutrients.

We understand that what you put on your skin, is just as important as what you put in your mouth, and that how your skin looks can have a huge impact on how you feel.

That’s why we specialise in formulating products for sensitive skin - that repair, restore, and maintain the skin barrier. So whether you suffer from dry skin, making you prone to conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, or oily skin, causing breakouts and acne, at The LGC Co. we have something that can help.

As award winners of the Clean & Conscious Awards for 2023 we pride ourselves on our ethical practices in both formulation and production. We source our ingredients sustainably and use recyclable packaging, such as aluminium tins, PCR plastics, glass dropper bottles, and cardboard boxes. Plus, all labels can be left attached to the packaging when recycling! Our plastic packaging is made from 100% recycled plastics made in Australia's only 100% carbon neutral plastics factory.

In addition to this recognition, The LGC Co.'s environmental responsibility extends beyond just speaking of the importance of helping and giving back. It is ingrained in the very fabric of our company's ethos. Recognising the urgency of environmental conservation, The LGC Co. has taken a proactive stance by partnering with Rainforest Rescue through their "1% of profits to Rainforest Rescue" program where we donate 1% of our yearly gross profit to support their incredible work and the pivotal role they play in charting a course towards a more sustainable future.

And why hemp seed oil, you may ask?

Well, not only is hemp seed oil a renewable and sustainable resource, which is so important to us, but also because it has been scientifically shown to have many health benefits for the skin. Having optimal ratios of omega 3, 6, and 9, containing phytocannabinoids and being rich in antioxidants, it makes it the perfect choice for skin care.



  • no petrochemicals

  • no parabens

  • no palm oil

  • no synthetic fragrance

  • no synthetic preservatives

  • no steroids

  • no animal testing


We cross check all of our ingredients to ensure that they are sourced naturally.

The LGC Co. range is Eczema Association Australasia approved and our all of our ingredients are clinically trialled, dermatologically tested and health care professional approved.


The LGC Co.

Science Based Skin Nutrition

Proudly Australian Owned and Made.

Our Philosophy