MAMAMIA Seal of Approval - A Dive into Their Review of The LGC Co.

MAMAMIA Seal of Approval - A Dive into Their Review of The LGC Co.

Recently, highly acclaimed online publication Mamamia took a close look at The Little Green Cream Co.'s products, and their feedback is nothing short of glowing! As we all know, finding the right skincare products for sensitive skin is a journey, and we're overjoyed to see that Mamamia recognises the effectiveness and quality of our 100% natural, Australian products. 

Sensitivity woes? Mamamia feels you!

In a heartfelt article, Mamamia beauty writer, Lara Severino, expressed genuine empathy for the struggles of sensitive skin. From dry patches and unexpected breakouts to the dreaded redness and tightness that makes you feel like your face is about to "stage a revolt," the Mamamia writer resonates with the common challenges many of us face. It's comforting to know that others understand the drama of sensitive skin!

Lara of Mamamia, emphasises the importance of choosing skincare products with gentle ingredients, and they've spotlighted our range as a standout choice. Common irritants like soaps and synthetic fragrances can wreak havoc on the skin barrier, leading to issues like dryness and irritation. Lara encourages readers to opt for nourishing ingredients such as hemp seed oil, calendula, oatmeal, and comfrey extract - precisely the kind of ingredients that contribute to why The LGC Co. is an award winning skincare brand.

The article introduces Lara's recent addition to her skincare rotation: The Little Green Cream Co. range. Recognised as the Clean and Conscious Award winners for Sensitive Skin Care, the article applauds our 100% natural, Australian-owned products made specifically for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. As a fellow sensitive skin peer, Lara notes the avoidance of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives, stating that our milder products have kept her skin happy with no redness, itching, or allergies in sight.

For Lara, hydration is the love language for sensitive skin. She embraced The LGC Co.'s Dewy Rise & Shine morning oil and Dewy Rest & Restore night formulation. Packed with natural sources of vitamin C, fatty acids, antioxidants, and active ingredients, Mamamia appreciates the transformative effects on their skin tone and the dewy glow it provides.

An absolute non-negotiable in Lara's routine is SPF. The article echoes the importance of sun protection and introduces our Hydr-8 Rise & Shine SPF15 as her go-to choice. This rich and intensive hydrating cream with SPF, provides broad-spectrum protection without a visible white cast. The non-greasy matte finish and non-comedogenic formula make it an ideal choice for daily use, even under makeup.

In wrapping up their review, Mamamia shares their top tips for maintaining a happy and healthy skin barrier, underlining the importance of gentle ingredients, soap-free products, hydration, and SPF. We're honoured to have earned Mamamia's seal of approval for our commitment to providing effective, natural, and nurturing skincare solutions.

We invite you to read the full article on Mamamia's website here and join us in celebrating the recognition of The Little Green Cream Co.'s products. Thank you, Mamamia, for acknowledging our dedication to sensitive and eczema-prone skin care!

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